What is the main objective of National Art Gallery?

National Art Gallery main objective is to held performance within or from outside Malaysia, classes, seminar, competitions and other arts and cultural activities. It also gives their best effort to enlarge the main collections which are already consist of almost 2500 works.

NAG Missions

To gather, preserve, enhance, show, promote and making people from every level to understand, respect as well as make helping them to appreciate our culture.

NAG Visions

Balai Seni Lukis Negara as a center of our arts and culture heritage.

Is NAG providing a place for industrial students’ practical?

Yes, NAG do accept practical for industrial training students, however the place is limited. Student can apply it through Faculty or University and address it to Chief of Director NAG. Acceptance of applicants is based on these criteria: Open to all established diploma and certificate from IPTA or IPTS. In takes are based on these courses: a. Arts Development b. Conservation Management c. Arts Management d. Graphic Design e. Pubic Related Marketing * NAG did not provide any fees or allowance, transportation and hospitality

Job applications

Vacancies in NAG will be open to all Malaysian if there is any vacancy available in the agency. There are part time, contract and permanent job. Vacancies will be advertised through newspapers and NAG website www.artgallery.gov.my

How to become a sponsor or to fund generous gallery and what benefits will we receive?How to become a sponsor or to fund generous gallery and what benefits will we receive?

To corporate bodies or private individuals, may provide financial assistance as a sponsor or generous to the gallery by calling Caw. Donations and Sponsorships for coordination. To all who have provided financial assistance to the NAG, NAG will issue a receipt for tax exemption on the amount that has been given. And contributors and sponsors will receive tax relief of 100% on the amount that was donated or sponsored.

What are the functions of Corporate Affairs Division NAG?

Corporate Communications Division has three branches of the NAG will bring their respective functions, such as: Public Relations Branch: This branch will ensure that all activities and programs, whether in or outside the gallery will get coverage and will be announced to the public. Marketing and Promotion Branch: This branch will promote and introduce the gallery to the public both inside and outside the country. Donations and Sponsorship Branch: This branch is looking for contributors or sponsors from corporate bodies and private sectors to increase the fund raising for gallery exhibitions and arts-related activities.

When was National Art Gallery established?

Balai Seni Lukis Negara was built on 28 August 1958, a year after independent. This gallery is an established community which receive their yearly grant from the Ministry of Information, Communication and Culture.