Nur Hanim Khairuddin

Lahir di Johor Bahru pada tahun 1969, Nur Hanim Khairuddin adalah seorang artis, kurator, dan penulis seni dan budaya. Merupakan graduan lulusan Kajian Seni Lukis dan Seni Reka (Seni Halus)  ITM (kini UiTM) Shah Alam pada tahun 1994, beliau kerapkali diundang sebagai artis mahupun kurator untuk pameran di dalam dan luar negara serta pernah menerima beberapa anugerah di sepanjang penglibatan beliau di dalam bidang seni rupa.

Jamil Zakaria

Jamil Zakaria, 32, is the only fine art artist using wire to weave his installations and sculptures in Malaysia.

Jamil went through the painstaking process of creating moulds then weaving the wires into textures to become a solid form to create his work.

Chong Siew Ying

CHONG SIEW YING (b. 1969, Kuala Lumpur) left Malaysia for France in 1990 to pursue her studies in Fine Art. There, she enrolled at the École des Beaux-Arts de Versailles and later at the Parisian printmaking centre, Atelier63. Returning to Malaysia in 1998, she held her first solo show in Kuala Lumpur in the same year. From 2000 – 2001, she travelled to the United States of America where she spent 7 months in New York City and 2 months at the Vermont Studio Centre in Vermont. She returned to Paris in 2001 and travelled back and forth between Paris and Kuala Lumpur until 2011. She has since moved back permanently to Kuala Lumpur. Her career has spanned a large number of solo and group exhibitions in Asia, as well as across Europe and the USA.

Ismail Mat Hussin

Ismail Mat Hussin is known for his musculoskeletal renditions of fishermen and dazzling versions of traditional Malay life focusing on the arts and crafts rendered in mosaic-like compositions.

Ismail Mat Hussin is one artist who kept true to batik painting until today. His interest was kindled during weekly art painting classes under Nik Mahmood at Padang Garong Malay School in Kota Bharu from 1954 to 1955, and he was also a protégé of Khalil Ibrahim. He is the only remaining batik painter in Kelantan who uses this technique.

Chang Yoong Chia

Chang Yoong Chia (b. 1975, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia) graduated from the Malaysian Institute of Art in 1996 with a Diploma of Fine Art in painting. Since then, he has participated in numerous exhibitions in Malaysia and abroad. Chia’s works, ranging from Surrealist inspired paintings, laboriously crafted collages, paper sculptures to painted shells explore wide-ranging topics such as politics, religion and culture. The repeated gestures and complex methods reflect a commitment with craft in which the labor adds another layer of meaning to the work. Placing an importance on the media, he believes that each medium has its own characteristics, malleability and symbolism thus new interpretations are conjured when found or mundane objects such as postage stamps and seashells are transformed in an almost alchemical fashion into intricate artworks.

Zulkifli Dahlan

Zulkifli Dahlan dilahirkan di Kuala Lumpur pada 24 Julau 1952. Mulai aktif dalam dunia seni lukis tempatan pada usia 16 tahun. Beliau tidak pernah mendapat pendidikan seni lukis secara formal dan belajar sendirian tetapi karya-karyanya cukup unik dalam sejarah perkembangan seni lukis Malaysia. Lukisan-lukisannya bertemakan ‘Manusia dan Kemanusiaanya’ yang bagi beliau merupakan inspirasi dan mimpi yang tidak kunjung berakhir.

Beliau meninggal dunia pada 23 Ogos 1977.

Marisa Diyana Shahrir

Tarikh Lahir: 25.6.1983

Pendidikan: The Architectural Association, London. UK

Architect at Hijjas Kasturi Associates Sdn. Bhd.

Karya yang Ditauliah:

7.7.2010: Manalisa– Graphic Art Installation for Screen Interior/ Material: Vinyl Sticker Onto Mirror

& Timber Frame [Alexis Bar Jalan Telawi].

28.10.2010: Joan BRDB Showroom/ 6Capsquare Lobby Art Installation/ Material: Digital Print on

6mm Glass Panels within MDF & MS Steel Frame.