A.B Ibrahim or Ibrahim Abu Bakar was born in Derga, Alor Setar, in the year 1925. He is the fifth child of nine siblings. He had only went to school as far as standard six at the Derga Primary Malay School.  He then proceeded to do business in Pekan Rabu. On the 1st of April 1946, A.B Ibrahim and A.J Rahman, alongside Saidin Yahya opened an art shop that was named ‘Warna Art Studio’. At the time, A.B Ibrahim was one of the first Malaysian artist to had worked full time.

‘Warna Art Studio’ lived as a shop that also made advertisings, posters and graphic signboard whilst producing fine art works. His paintings were celebrated by the British People, whom collects paintings to bring back to Europe. A.B Ibrahim was active in hosting art exhibitions, and was actively involved with the art group, Persatuan Pelukis Melayu as a founding member. A.B Ibrahim passed away on the 25th December of 1977, leaving a valuable part of Kedah’s historical Modern art heritage in the 50s.