Khairul Azril Ismail

K. Azril Ismail(b. 1977, Malaysia) gained his MA in Visual Art and Communications from UiTM, Shah Alam. He kick-started his career as a freelance artist and photographer for six years, before working full time with Berandaseni Art Studio. His works have been exhibited widely since 1999. In 2009, his most recent works were featured in a solo exhibition at KLPAC entitled The Iron Dragons of Malaya.

Azril Ismail is a photographer who creates a richly textured visual language. With the portrayal of the Pudu Prison in achromatic prints, the spatial confinement and graffiti of the aforesaid is transformed into highly intense discourse. Questioning the location, usage, occupance and significance of the place captured and manipulated to what we see as distills.