1. Aims / Purposes
    The memo is aiming on providing a guideline for the Art Charity Fund or Tabung Bantuan Seni (TBS) as a channel in handling all the sponsors and financial contributions which worth RM 500,000.00 (Ringgit Malaysia Five Hundred Thousands) received from the Dasar Baru 2008 Balai Seni Negara.
  2. Background
    2 .1 Since the beginning, National Art Gallery has proved its ability in the emergence of art in this country by initiating numerous manifestations of arts among the mass through many activities initiated with other parties outside the agency. Through the years, there have been countless awards and financial contributions given as an effort in flourishing the art industry in this county.

    2.2 It is informed that outsiders be it individual or group, can carry out any programme such as competition, camps, presentations and exhibitions by using the money from the fund. There were a few programmes selected such as 1990s: Pekan Seni Ipoh, Malaysian Video Awards, Cameronian Arts Awards, Pameran Solo Pelukis outside the BSN ( Sharifah Zuriah in Adelaide, Eric Peris in Sutrahouse, Normah Nordin in Wetlands Putrajaya, Khalil Ibrahim in Galeri Petronas, etc.)

    2.3 Financial  contributions cost and category has been receiving;
    2.3.1  Contributions to the artists who are wishing to launch a solo exhibition. The contributions are in forms of setting-up services, catalogues productions and other side costs which is estimated to be around RM 5000- RM 15 000.
    2.3.2  Contributions to the artists who will representing Malaysia in the international festivals, forums and other events. The contributions are in the forms of sponsors of ticket, accommodation and transportation fees, with some allowances which is estimated to be around RM 5 000 – RM 30 000.
    2.3.3  Contributions to the bodies of NGO in forms of grant, tangible rewards, and awards which is estimated to be around RM 10 000 – RM 50 000.

    2.4 Successes of any events were backed up by a strong source of financial supports, and a continuous commitment. The supports and the commitment showed by the National Art Gallery and the involvement of the NGO bodies are vitally needed in order to help our local artists to keep on producing great masterpiece and stay active in the art world.

  3. Objectives  of the endowment methods
    3.1  Realizing that most of the donations and contributions involved a big sum of money which most often than not channelled unsystematically from the allocation allocated for the Management and Finance Division, the Exhibition Unit, and Education Units has resulted in unbalance financial state in the agency.; Therefore, it is very crucial to re-examine the methods of endowment and contributions.
    3.2  Due to the rise of the demand for sponsorships, it is reasonable to come out with a proper and systematic method in channelling the sponsorships.
    3.3  To maintain the good image and credibility of the agency in the effort of thriving quality arts as well as to help the artists to promote their artworks internationally.
  4. Principles in the  TBS Materialisation

4.1  Fundamentals and Concepts of TBS

The agreement in making the concept of “Program Ruang dan Peluang” (Floor and Opportunity Programme) into reality as a platform for the artists and the public to  materialise their dream and interest, in order to take our art industry one step forward.

4.2  Fraction of the fund allocations RM 250 000.00 which is two-fourth of the whole amount of the TBS will be allocated for the exhibition sponsorship and International participation purposes, while one-fourth which is about RM125 000.00 for the Bantuan Geran Pendokumentasi / Art Research, and another one-fourth which is RM 125 000.00 for the Art Development Programme in the rural areas.

4.3  Fund Administrations The preparation and materialisation of the agenda needs an efficient mechanisme. Hence, it is vital to come up with a committees or Sponsorship Analyst Team/Panels.4.4  The Research and Development Division will be responsibled as the secretariat  committees.