As an effort to support and elate the spirit of unification and appreciation towards local works and artists, NAG welcome cooperation in forming smart partnership with the corporate sectors and organizations to sponsor arts programmes such as exhibition, education, acquisition, restoration, publication and promotion.

All type of sponsorship will be given priority in appreciation and special recognition in our promotion, prints and publications. Sponsors will have the opportunity to enjoy tax relief in addition to be accorded special appreciation by displaying the companies/bodies corporate logo on selected exhibits for a specific duration. Sponsors also have the privilege to acquire masterpiece directly from the local and guest artists.

Among the parties that have become main sponsor of NAG programmes are Phillips Morris Malaysia, ExxonMobil, Shell, Nokia, Malaysian Tobacco and Petronas. This approach displays integrated roles among corporate bodies and private sectors in instilling positive cultural value towards strengthening the development of arts in Malaysia.

We welcome your contribution!

For more information, please contact the Donations & Sponsorships Branch, Corporate Communications Division at 03-4026 7000