Reference Column

Reference column is a space where the public can apply for any services research from the National Art Gallery. The following are common questions from the public to the National Art Gallery.

1. What research services provided?
Research division provides services such as providing information to foreign students or researchers who wish to study. Besides, it also undertakes the documentation for external programs and surveys on the extent to which the public will focus on visual art. In addition the research division also hold a workshop / dialogue to local artists from time to time.

2. How do I study the artist?

Before the study started, identify the actual name of the artist. Profile information such as local artists who are registered can be found in the central source of National Art Gallery. For more information about the artists that we can help you find detailed information on the artist to undertake further study with an artist who would like to review and may be referred to the Curator of Research Division Norazmah binti Rashid and email to

3. How can I review or evaluate the work of collection gallery?

Identify the name of the paper, name of artist, year, and the specification of works to be studied. Information work can continue to set a permanent collection gallery available on the portal in space researchers & students through the search engine provided. The information in the form of hardcopy or a book entitled Inventory of Heritage Visual Arts Permanent Collection of 1958-2003 can be found in the National Art Gallery library. To obtain further information with respect to the work may be referred to the Curator of Collections Division Mr. Musrizal Bin Mat Isaand email to or En. Muhammad Faizal Bin Sidik and email to

4. How can I find info about NAG, programs and exhibitions are held, resources, and facilities provided NAG?

Information about the history, the body acts, logo, vision, mission, objectives, the Board of Trustees National Art Gallery, National Art Gallery Director General profile, organizational chart, functions of the Client business procedures, building National Art Gallery, National Art Gallery operating time, resources, facilities provided, news and program / exhibition are carried out can be found on the National Art Gallery website. Detailed information can be forwarded to the Assistant Curator of Research Mr. Azman Md Salleh and email to

5. How can I maintain a work?
Conservation or formerly known as the conservation of two methods of implementation, namely the conservation of preventive and curative conservation. To ensure the safety and quality of collection, the first rule should always be emphasized. This is because it does not require special expertise and the cost is very high, enough with the sense of responsibility and serious attention. While the second method requires special expertise and may result in higher expenses for certain materials that can not be found in the country.

For more information about conservation or preservation of a work may be referred to the Curator of Conservation Tan Hui Koon, or email to

  • Preventive conservation
    Is a conservation action to ensure the safety, the environment and the collection is in good condition and under control. Control environment or the Environmental Monitoring is necessary to ensure the temperature, lighting, level of relative humidity, radiation and pollution control are monitored and controlled. In addition to the environment as well as a collection of problems can prevent damage caused by chemical factors, physical and agent-pest agents.

  • Curative conservation
    Restoration and preservatives included in this method. Activities of this method is washing the surface with a dry and solution, making the treatment, relining, in painting, infilling, consolidation and others. This work is conducted in the laboratory by conservation officers and conservation staff trained with the help of special equipment and dedicated to every kind of materials and objects of art.