Fungsi Bahagian

Bahagian ini memberikan perkhidmatan sokongan kepada perkhidmatan teras Lembaga Pembangunan Seni Visual Negara supaya operasi LPSVN dapat dilaksanakan dengan sempurna. Bahagian ini diketuai oleh Pengarah Gred N48 dan dibahagikan kepada 6 Cawangan iaitu :

  • Cawangan Sumber Manusia
  • Cawangan Pentadbiran
  • Cawangan Kewangan
  • Cawangan Teknologi Maklumat
  • Cawangan Pembangunan
  • Cawangan Art Governance
The Corporate Communication Division is responsible in current affairs related to the main operations of NAG such as conducting exhibitions, creating programmes or activities as well as getting donations and sponsorships from corporate bodies.
This division is divided into 3 units as follow:
  • Donation and Sponsorship Unit
  • Public Relation and Customer Services Unit
  • Promotion and Marketing Unit

Exhibition Branches

A total of 26 exhibitions were planned for the Research and Display Division  for 2011. Nevertheless, due to several circumstances and issues, 5 exhibitions were unable to be carried out as scheduled: Amron Omar’s Solo Exhibition: Pertarungan (Battle), Public Sculpture Exhibition, Proton Design Exhibition, P. Ramlee’s Getaran Jiwa Exhibition and the 2011 Contemporary Finnish Graphics  Exhibition. Therefore, to ensure that NVADB still functions effectively in providing services to the public, several interesting and unique exhibitions were planned to replace the ones which had been cancelled, with the intention to share with the public while providing information and scientific knowledge with regards to the national artistic heritage collection. These exhibitions were replaced by the Muka-muka (Faces) Exhibition, SAJ Dalam Kenangan (In Memory of SAJ) Exhibition and Cahaya (Lights) Exhibition.

Apart from NVADB, the gallery premises exhibitions were also held, namely:

  • KepadaMu Kekasih (To You, My Lover) Exhibition held at the Terengganu State Museum from 13 December 2010 – 27 January 2011.
  • ‘Recycled’ Exhibition: Guna + Semula + Jadi (Use + Reuse + Produce) held at Putrajaya in conjunction with the Putrajaya Flora Festival from 9 – 17 July 2012.
  • Inovasi (Innovation) Exhibition held at Department of Museums Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur from 22-24 November 2011.

On the whole, the achievement for the year 2011 is commendable although only 21 exhibitions were set up as scheduled. The success of NVADB through its core activities which were exhibitions essentially gained collaborations from all parties involved. Programme suggestions for a more interesting calendar of the year are welcomed especially from those involved in this industry.

Therefore, the Research and Display Division will always strive to improve on the quality of future exhibitions to ensure each and every exhibition will benefit all parties and make the national visual arts more prestigious  .

This division is responsible for managing the works of art and the Permanent Collection associated with acquisition,  acquisition proposals, consultation and advisory services, registration, works and images borrowing, acceptance and delivery, condition and physical examination reports, archive works, storage and repositories, collection research, provenance and conservation, permanent exhibitions, prevention and treatment conservation matters.

Collection Branch

Through discussions with the Permanent Collection Acquisition Committee, this branch has prepared a Procurement Strategy proposal. Based on the discussions, a few artists have been identified and their studios visited. Among the studios and exhibitions visited were :

Artist Studio
Exhibition Perangkap: Solo Exhibition, HOM Gallery by
Anassuwandi Ahmad
Mustapa Hj.Ibrahim & Maryam Abdullah JohanMarjonid
Suhaidi Razi Solo Exhibition, NN Gallery Husin Hourmain Roslisham Ismail
Aswara Art Exhibition, Galeri Dunia Seni Lukis Marvin Chan Abdul Latiff Mohidin
Johan Marjonid Solo Exhibition, Pinkguy Gallery Izan Tahir Azman Omar
Studio Rajawali,Kuantan(Abdullah Jones) Daud Rahim
Tuan Will Tuan Mat Syed Alwi
Jeganathan Ramachandram Azman Ismail
Jehan Chan Suhaidi Rozi

Permanent Collection Acquisition of the National Visual Arts Development Board For 2011

A Procurement Committee meeting session was held to discuss the proposed acquisition of works for a Permanent Collection. The Procurement Committee for 2011 was chaired by Dato’ Prof. Raja Zahabuddin Raja Raja Yaacob and members were Mr. Philip Wong (Member of the Board of Trustees), En. Din Omar (Member of Board of Trustees) and Dato’ Mohd Yusof Ahmad (Director General) and managed by the Collections Management Branch.

Conservation Branch

This branch plays an important role in identifying and implementing conservation and preservation treatment activities on NVADB collection materials through 2011. These activities became the main priority responsibility that was to ensure   art objects from organic and inorganic materials are given the necessary treatment and action to ensure that the objects are in good condition and are well-preserved. These conservation activities also involve the collection of artworks of individuals, institutions and local agency organisations. This branch received visits from students of public and private universities, government officials and non-governmental organisations as well as researchers on the application of general conservation that are conducted here as well.

The types of work that have been treated were 21 painting works, 2 sculptural works, 22 photographic works and 58 works on paper. This year, the division also undertook special assignments related to conservation work that involve  in-situ projects which were the conservation of wall murals by Ibrahim Hussein on the Old Sports Store buildings, University of Malaya. Whereas for the preservation works, 6 public sculptures were involved and these activities are undertaken weekly on every Wednesdays.


To endeavour to educate, guide and give exposure towards improving the understanding of the visual arts as well as promoting the gallery as a source of arts reference centre and long-term learning informally.

To implement activities in supporting arts such as workshops, classes, art competitions, exhibitions and programmes, seminars, lectures, dialogues and outreach programmes to educators, students, the general public and art enthusiasts.

Arts Workshops

The arts workshops are organised to provide exposure and knowledge sharing of visual arts which is targeted at students, the disabled (OKUs), teachers, professionals and the general public. The scope of each of the arts workshop is to apply a comprehensive and integrated approach that is practised at any time. This activity has received overwhelming responses and feedbacks.


The drawing competition organised by the National Arts Gallery is intended to give participants a chance to showcase each participant’s artistic talents. Each competition is given a theme appropriate with the current issues and the developments in arts.

Seminars / Dialogues / Forums / Art Discussions / Art Appreciation

Art Seminars / Talks are held as a ‘call for support’ to the most current exhibitions at the National Arts Gallery in dismantling questions, problems, scenarios and developments related to existing issues. It is one of the methods  employed in bringing the public closer to the branches of visual arts.

The Publications Division functions in producing quality, informative and innovative publications that are based on exhibitions held in NAG. In addition, the Publications Division also emphasises on writings that may impact in terms of its implication and presentation to the Malaysian Society as well as in bridging the relationship between the external community and NAG through advisory services from specialists to those in need in order to produce quality publications.


  • To produce quality, informative, and innovative publications.
  • To ensure quality writing and publication prints of each exhibition.
  • To provide advisory services from the experts to those in need.

Publication Activities

This division has produced numerous publications based on the exhibitions held annually. Among the publications produced are catalogue publications, publications in book-form and periodical publications comprising of the Senikini Newsletter which is published six times a year. Other publications include invitation cards, poster pictures, brochures, programme books, backdrops, buntings (small and large) as well as competition forms that are produced, fulfilling the needs of exhibitions and activities being held.

The NAG publication products are also distributed to institutions of higher learning across the country, art schools, statutory bodies, visitors, the public, the State Library and the National Library which serve as a reference point to the society.

The involvement of NAG publications is not just only limited to just the above-mentioned subjects, but in fact, any activity that involves the sale of books such as the International Book Fair held each year at the Putra World Trade Centre (PWTC) is the platform towards the progress of each NAG publication to the surrounding community.