This 1987 print is one of the earliest digital computers print in the collection and are considered one of the earliest collections of malaysian media art by the national art gallery.

It marks the early approaches of Malaysian artist experimentati on of computer technology and digital prints to produce art, inspiring later appreciation, valuation and understanding of media art during the 80s and the 90s.

About Kamarudzaman Md Isa:

Dr. Kamarudzaman is listed as an expert in Taylor’s University, noted to have graduated with a Master of Arts, from the City of Birmingham Polytechnic, United Kingdom.

According to his linkedin profile Kamarudzaman Md Isa is A graduate from Manchester Metropolitan University with a Phd. In Industrial and Product design (1990-1994) He is currently An Associate professor in UNISEL (2016-present). According to, he currently has 13 noted publications and 70 citations.


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